IT Process & Service Management

 With increasing business dependence on the quality and reliability of IT services, you need an IT service strategy to clarify how IT will support new or changed business requirements. DSolusi Service management strategy and planning uses a collaborative, modular technique that leverages industry-accepted standards and best practices in a workshop-driven approach to quickly establish business service priorities for IT.


  • Identifies the IT services that support critical business needs

  • Develops a roadmap to enable improvements in the quality and reliability of IT services and the service management capabilities they depend on

  • Pinpoints ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service lifecycle capabilities

Helping you create business-focused IT services with improved service management capabilities

         Economic uncertainty, increasing competitive pressures on costs and rising demands for quality services are among the reasons why organizations need to address the value and return on investment of their IT services and their service management capabilities. Just about every critical business area is dependant on the quality and reliability of the IT services that support, enable or automate the activities within their business processes, business services and supply chain. It is no longer sufficient to focus solely on managing IT systems or cost reductions within IT. Businesses are making better management of their IT services a priority in order to enhance the quality and reliability of those services and enable improvements in efficiency, productivity and cost reduction in the enterprise.

         DSolusi Management Service management strategy and planning can help you evaluate how your service management investments match up with your business objectives. Planning for service management is a globally accepted best practice and is required by international standards. Using a collaborative approach, our consultants, architects and other subject matter experts help you develop an IT service management strategy and roadmap that shifts your focus from systems management to service management by aligning your IT capabilities and resources to best support your business goals. We can help you reduce risks and costs in your service management design and implementation efforts. Our services are flexible, scalable and modular. We can guide you through the full scope of service management strategy and planning, including all of the required activities and aspects of service management planning.

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