IT Strategy & Governance

   To remain competitive, you need a flexible and responsive IT environment that enables you to respond to today’s changing markets. Effective IT governance helps you align IT with your business needs. DSolusi governance consulting leverages DSolusi’s intellectual capital and experience in business and IT services along with industry best practices to help you establish IT governance that can improve your IT efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness as well as control over your IT operations.


  • Enhances IT alignment with business objectives to strengthen business value

  • Helps improve control of IT effectiveness and efficiency

  • Enables IT agility to respond to changing business needs

Our services focus on key disciplines of governance, including:

  • Governance of IT service management—designs clear and transparent decision-making responsibilities for services and service management processes.

  • Governance of IT architecture management—defines the capability to create, maintain and promote the use of IT architecture models and standards across your enterprise to support your services, data and technical infrastructure.

  • Governance of IT program management—defines the people, roles, boards and procedures/processes to achieve clear and transparent decision rights and accountabilities, helping improve the business value of programs and projects.

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