Master Data Management


         Most companies have disparate, uncoordinated data that is often repetitive, inaccurate and unusable for making business decisions. These organizations typically have a difficult time compiling a complete view of their operations. The finance department may struggle with analyzing numerous ad-hoc reports; manufacturing or design can have issues with inconsistent part names in various systems; and lack of ability to measure real value across product and service lines can be a deterrent to growth.
         Master Data Management (MDM) increases data consistency throughout the enterprise to create new business value and strategic advantage. MDM enables companies to reconcile and use their valuable data assets to achieve new strategic benefits. It often uses strategies such as systems of record, data governance and service-oriented architecture to resolve business requirements.

Why DSolusi?

         DSolusi is recognized across industries as a leader in Business Intelligence (BI), and our expansive portfolio of successful MDM, CDI, and Product Data Management engagements and successful client transformations is testament to our capabilities. DSolusi brings together the global expertise, services, software, hardware, research, and partner network to solve the most important and complex information intensive issues for our clients.
         DSolusi provides a holistic approach, proven methodologies, dedicated IOD Centers of Excellence and Research, best practices, an extensive partner network, and flexible delivery models for maximum business advantage.

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